Student Handbook

Student Handbook

Cell Phone Policies

Here is the simplified policy: PTDs include but are not limited to laptops, computers, tablets, cell phones, smartphones, smartwatches, ear pods, or headphones. Devices whose primary purpose is gaming and portable speakers are specifically prohibited at all times.

Cell phones/PTDs are ALLOWED:
● During lunch and before/after school
● To be used only by the student to whom it belongs.

*Any of the above may be revised at any time at the administration’s discretion. Cell phone/PTD use in any instance does not grant permission for other situations.

Cell phones/PTDs are NOT allowed (must be off and inside a backpack or hanging in the holders):
● In the classroom
● To be used to photograph or record another student or staff member without permission (including buses).
● In any manner that causes a disruption to the school day for any student or staff member.
● To be used to bully, harass, threaten, intimidate, or tease another student.
● To access inappropriate material while on school property.