Late Arrival /Early Release

Late Arrival/Early Release is an earned privilege available to Juniors and Seniors who meet the criteria established by Bridge Creek Public Schools.

Eligibility requirements for Seniors and Juniors are based on Academics, Attendance, and Behavior. Students must also have their own method of transportation to arrive late and leave early.  Late Arrival/Early Release is a non-credit course offered during 1st hour or 7th hour only. 

Benefits of the Program include:

  • Flexibility: Participating students can arrive late to school or leave early, giving them more control over their daily schedule.
  • Pursue Opportunities: Students can use the extra time gained to participate in internships, community service projects, job shadowing, or other extracurricular activities.
  • Personal Growth: The program encourages students to explore new interests, gain real-world experience, and develop valuable skills outside the traditional classroom setting.
  • College and Career Readiness: Engaging in meaningful experiences during high school can enhance college applications and future employment prospects.

We are excited about this program’s possibilities and believe it will empower our junior and senior students to take charge of their educational journey.

Students requesting a Late Arrival | Early Release will need the following:

  1. Parental Permission Slip
  2. Must complete and submit an application. 

Once the application is submitted, the school counselor and the administration will conduct a thorough transcript analysis to determine eligibility. Students and parents will be notified if the student is eligible.

 To earn or maintain late arrival/early release, you must satisfy all of the requirements below: 

At the Completion of the Spring Semester of the student’s Sophomore Year, the student must have 14 credits; By the end of the Junior Year, the student must have 20 credits.

  1. Academics
    • Must maintain passing grades in all credit classes while participating in the program
    • Grades will be reviewed at the end of each semester.
  2. Attendance
    • No more than 7 unexcused tardies to school per semester
    • Must have less than 10% of Unexcused absences per semester
  3. Behavior
    • Students with previous drug, tobacco, alcohol, or fighting behavior incidents will not qualify.
    • Students are expected to adhere to the Student Handbook. It is available on the Bridge Creek High School website.
  4. Transportation
    • Students must have reliable transportation or a means of leaving campus at the beginning of the period.
    • Once the student leaves campus for Late Start/Early Release, the parent assumes liability for the student. The student is no longer the liability of the school.

Privileges will automatically be revoked if a student fails to comply with the above criteria. The administration will meet with students to notify them of privilege removal.