The term ICAP refers to both a process that helps students engage in academic and career development activities and a product that is created and maintained for students’ academic, career, and personal advancement.

www.OKCollegestart.org | This is the tracking platform Bridge Creek Public Schools uses for ICAP entry and completion.

ICAP is a student-driven, ongoing process that actively engages students, enabling them to:

  • Understand their own interests, strengths, values, and learning styles.
  • Create a vision of their future
  • Develop individual goals
  • Prepare a personal plan for achieving their vision and goals

How to create a parent account on OKCollegeStart without a student invitation 

  • 1. Go to www.okcollegestart.org. 
  • 2. Click “Create an Account” towards the top right side of the screen. 
  • 3. Complete the required information and “Submit”. 
  • 4. You will then be logged into your parent account. From here you will be able to do most things that your student will be doing for their ICAP (i.e. interest profiler, explore careers, etc.). 
  • 5. To be able to see your student’s ICAP information, he/she will have to invite you.
  • 6. See steps 1 through 7 below for “how a student can invite a parent”. 
  • 7. After completing the 7 steps below, the parent will click the link in the e-mail, which will connect the student’s account to the parent.