Continuous Strategic Improvement

Phase I

Learner Expectations

Bridge Creek Public Schools expect the graduates of 2025 and beyond to…

  • Communicate effectively
  • Be critical thinkers
  • Have a mastery of content knowledge
  • Have organization skills
  • Be collaborative and use conflict resolution
  • Be creative
  • Use technology
  • Have financial skills
  • Exhibit soft skills such as leadership, responsibility, and respect
  • Be a productive, contributing citizen

These expectations will create students who are college and career ready able to locate and useinformation and languages in a global society.

Core Values

In order to ensure quality teaching and learning, Bridge Creek Public Schools value…

  • Quality teachers/staff
  • Quality buildings/classrooms
  • Respectful/nurturing environment
  • Up-to-date technology
  • Quality programs including electives
  • Innovative, student-centered teaching
  • Competitive salaries/compensation
  • Adequate finances
  • Yearly progress/test scores
  • School/community/parent partnerships

By upholding these values, Bridge Creek Public Schools will support learning that meets the diverse needs of students and teachers, within an environment that is efficient, nurturing, rigorous, and collaborative.

Core Beliefs

Bridge Creek Public Schools believe that to realize their expectations for graduates, quality teaching and learning should provide…

  • Opportunities to collaborate
  • Relevant content
  • Community support
  • Instruction aligned to student strengths
  • Technology skills
  • Education about post High School opportunities
  • Effective communication skills
  • Community service opportunities
  • Student leadership opportunities
  • Democratic decision making
  • Ability to locate, evaluate and use information

This type of teaching and learning will create students who are supported by multiple, diverse services as they explore content connections in a nurturing environment.

Phase II

Goals and Objectives