Concurrent Enrollment

Students who meet certain qualifications 3.O GPA and 19 Composite or 19 in the subarea corresponding to the course requested may take college courses during the school day for college credit.  For concurrent students to enroll in a college-level course, they must earn a minimum score (Act Score 19) in that subject area to show college readiness.  A high school student who doesn’t earn the minimum score (19) in science, reasoning, mathematics, or English won’t be allowed to enroll in those college subject areas.  A student who doesn’t earn the minimum score in reading will not be allowed to enroll in any other collegiate course (outside the subjects of science, mathematics, and English).  

These courses will also count toward the high school credits required for graduation and are used to calculate one’s GPA as an honor course. No credit for concurrent courses will be posted to the transcript until the college or university receives an official transcript.

Time is allowed from the regular school day for the student to attend college classes.If a student is interested in concurrent enrollment, he/she should see his/her counselor for details. State law requires a student to be in attendance for SIX hours per day. If a student drops a concurrent course, the student is required to be on the high school campus for the time allotted for the concurrent. 

High School Courses Concurrent
College CourseHigh School Course
American History Since 1877 (Post Civil War)** US History – Semester 1 ( .5 Credit)[same content covered in US History High School]
American History Survey to 1877 (Pre-Civil War)** US History – Semester 2 ( .5 Credit)
English Comp I** English IV – Semester 1 ( 0.5 Credit)
English Comp II** English IV – Semester 2  ( 0.5 Credit)
American Federal Government** US Government – Semester Credit ( 0.5 Credit)
Functions in Modeling**Math Credit * prerequisite Algebra II  (1 Credit)
College Algebra or higher Math**Math Credit * prerequisite Algebra II (1Credit)
Any Science with Lab**Science Credit (1 Credit)
Optional Courses Concurrent
Oklahoma History**Credit Oklahoma History ( 0.5 Credit)
Intro to SpeechElective Credit (0.5 Credit)
Public SpeakingElective Credit (0.5 Credit)
World Language (4 or more credit hours)Foreign Language (1 Credit)
Fine Arts/Humanities (3 credit hours)HS Fine Arts (.5 Credit)
Computers (3 credit hours)HS Computers (.5 Credit)
Intro to Geography HS World Geography (.5 Credit)
Success in College No Credit will be given for this course

3 Credit Hours = .5 High School Credit Or 1 Credit depending on the concurrent course. Students must be enrolled concurrently by August 1st: for Fall classes & January 1st: for Spring classes. All required courses must be completed by the Fall Semester of the Student’s Senior Year. 

Students may NOT enroll in ONLY a late 8-week course.  

Fall Semester 1
16 Week Course
Early 8-Week Course (ends Fall Break)Late 8-Week Course (starts Fall Break)
Spring Semester 2
16 Week Course
Early 8-Week Course (ends Spring Break)Late 8-Week Course (starts Spring Break)

Students have the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school with concurrent enrollment through a local university or college. If a student chooses to enroll concurrently for high school credit in a required course, they will complete that credit concurrently. For example, a student enrolled in a college course for a one-semester high school course will not be permitted to begin the course and then return to the high school mid-semester to complete the semester of credit. Therefore, if the concurrent class is dropped, the student must immediately report to the counseling office to discuss options and re-enroll in high school coursework.

Withdrawing from Concurrent:

Students are responsible for reporting any changes in their concurrent enrollment status to their school counselor immediately to allow for schedule changes. Failure to report withdrawal from college courses will result in academic consequences.  Students who drop any concurrent course within the first 21 days of the semester may enroll in a BCPS course for full credit.  After 21 days, the student will not receive a grade for the class enrolled.

What about Withdrawal & Failures

Students must turn in a weekly grade check for all concurrent classes enrolled on Thursday of each week.  Failure to do so will result in being placed “ineligible” on the eligibility list. A grade of “WP” or “WF” will be entered on the student’s transcript to indicate the student has not successfully completed the college course.  All “WP” and “WF” grades will be computed into the student’s transcript the same as a “NC” which will compute the same as a failing grade. Students who receive a W, WP, WF or F will not be allowed to enroll the following semester without Administration approval.