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Bridge Creek Middle School is a progressive school for the great students of Bridge Creek in grades 6-8.  Bridge Creek Middle School has been recognized by the Oklahoma State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister as a "High Performing School".  This award was made possible by the hard work of the teachers of Bridge Creek Middle School. At Bridge Creek Middle School we subscribe to the FISH Philosophy.  This philosophy is centered on one question: Why be ok when you can be world famous?  We have the choice every day to be an amazingly positive influence on every person we come into contact with. We choose to make Bridge Creek Middle an exciting and fun place for our students to learn.  We believe that the school must be a place our students want to be and the teachers must be people the students want to be around if optimal learning is going to take place. 

Bridge Creek Middle School has had partnerships with The University of Oklahoma in the past several years and this year is no different.  We are working the OU Rainbolt College of Education to do technology training for our teachers.  OU is sending an instructional technology specialist to Bridge Creek Middle School to work with our teachers.

We have seen tremendous growth at Bridge Creek Middle School over the last several years.  We have added broadcasting, choir, Bobcat Time, and a middle school yearbook program that will produce a middle school yearbook. We hope to continue to grow the course offerings to our students as Bridge Creek continues to grow. 

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BCMS Principal

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