High School Staff

BAUDER, WENDY [email protected] English III, ACT Prep (English)
BILLINGTON, JOSEPH [email protected] HS Principal
BRADBEARY, SHELLI [email protected] Precalculus, ACT Prep (Math), Personal Financial Literacy, AP Calculus
BRADFORD, AMANDA [email protected]  English I, English I Honors, English IV
CALDWELL, SHANON [email protected]  Algebra II
CAREL, SHERRIA [email protected] Special Education
CARR, ADAM [email protected]  Computer Program II, Chemistry, Chemistry II, Robotics
CARR, PATRICIA [email protected]  Geometry, Computer Science
CARRIGER, ROBBY [email protected] Web Design, Journalism, Yearbook, Media Production, Off Season, HS Athletics
FEATHERS, PATRICIA [email protected]  Zoology, Forensic Science, Anatomy, Physical Science
FLECK, DAMITRA [email protected]  Music Appreciation, Choir, Choir Drama
GRAY, ANDREW [email protected] Government, Modern History, U.S. History, HS Athletics
 JOHNSON, SARA [email protected] English II, English II Honors, 
 KELLEY, SUE [email protected] HS Special Ed
 LEEP, LLOYD lleep@bridgecreek.k12.ok.us OK History/Military History, U.S. History, HS Athletics
LONG, TAMMY [email protected]  HS Library, Leadership
MAYO, MELISSA [email protected] Studio Art I, II/III
MORRIS, JENNIFER [email protected] English I, Counseling
NICHOLS, TONY [email protected]  World History
O'HARA, SCOTT [email protected] Conditioning, HS Athletics
O'HARA, TARA [email protected] Food and Wellness, FACS I, Marriage & Family
PITTMAN, SUSAN [email protected]  HS Counselor
REYNOLDS, ELI [email protected] Military History/ OK History, HS Athletics
STAATS, WILL [email protected] Computer Program I, Fundamentals of Technology, HS Athletics
TILLERY, REYNA [email protected] Spanish I, Spanish II
WHITAKER, JE'ANN [email protected] Algebra I
WILKERSON, PHILLIP [email protected]  HS Band, Music History
WHITFILL, KATHY [email protected]
Physical Science, Biology I,
YORK, CLINT [email protected]  Athletic Director, Physical Science