Academic Team

The Academic Team participates in a variety of challenges, providing opportunities for a broad range of talents and interest.

MATC Quiz Bowl Conference and Tournament.

Starting the first week of school the academic team begins practice for Quiz Bowl. Students develop their skill and interest in answering general toss up questions, trying to buzz in and beat the other team to an answer. Teams also get the chance to show their stuff in content specific lightning rounds where sports fans, movie buffs, and science geeks can run the show with their specialized knowledge.  The MATC Conference and Tournament is 25 to 30 matches played through September, October, and early November, any student not on the school’s ineligible list is welcome to come check it out and play with the team, making room for one more is what this Conference is all about. See Mr. Carr for details.

MATC Quiz Bowl Schedule. 


OSSAA Quiz Bowl State Tournament.

For those that enjoy quiz bowl and want to make their mark in the State Tournament, the Academic Team competes in the OSSAA State Tournament where teams have to earn their way from one tournament to the next until a State Champion is decided. These team members are selected by their individual stats earned in the MATC Conference, some skill and commitment required. You can follow how Bridge Creek is doing by clicking for links to 4A schools in at the OSSAA website. Here is the OSSAA Schedule.

District Seeding October 9, 2017

Regionals November 11, 2017

Area January 13, 2018

State February 3, 2018 

National Academic Quiz Tournament

For the hard core trivia gurus, there is NAQT. Slightly different in Format then MATC or OSSAA but a game that is played on a national stage. Competing in qualifying tournaments the team tries to earn an invitation to the national championship in Chicago. Bridge Creek was successful for the first time in making the Small School National Championship in April 2017, where the team finished 19th out of 76 and team member Casey Stafford earned the distinction of being ranked second in the nation.

2017 team members at Chicago's Cloud Gate

Casey with Coach Adam Carr